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From Kiddie Coder to Tech Star: Nathan Gemis's Thrilling Trek Through the Binary Jungle

Monday Member Spotlight
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👦 Starting a Digital Adventure

Imagine a 9-year-old boy, skillfully using CSS and Javascript, not for homework, but to make websites for eSports teams. This is Nathan Gemis's world.

🎮 Early Days of a Digital Explorer

"I always loved web development... working with eSports teams, and making websites," Nathan recalls, thinking back to a childhood filled with online adventures in a tech-savvy family.

✂️🎵 Exploring Different Paths: Haircuts, Sounds, and Spanish Adventures

Surprisingly, Nathan tried out things far from tech, like hairdressing and sound engineering. But, technology stayed close to his heart. A trip to Spain wasn't just about learning a new language. It was also about, "reigniting my love for tech through many tech talks."

🔄 Coming Back Home, Changing Paths: Moving Forward at Becode

Returning to Belgium meant more than just coming home. It was a big step towards making his passion his job. At "Becode," Nathan went from a tech fan to a Junior Software Engineer in just 7 months, turning his interests into a career.

🚀 The Startup Adventure: Challenges, New Ideas, and Lessons

From creating AI tools at "Somdata" to making customer tools at "Analyticalls," and leading tech teams at "Gespodo," Nathan’s journey was full of twists and turns. "Working with different startups was like exploring new parts of the tech world, each with its own challenges and lessons," Nathan says.

🌱 Growing Non-stop: Joining TestQuality

Even with lots of praise in his past jobs, Nathan's desire to learn and improve never stopped. Joining a test management case tool such as TestQuality was not just about the title but about the chance to work and learn from skilled engineers like James, Cristian, and Sergio. Nathan says, "Being at TestQuality is more than just work; it's where I see myself growing with talented people, learning from them, and building our future together.”

🌎 Mixing Work and Travel: Finding Balance at TestQuality

An important reason Nathan joined TestQuality was the freedom it gave him, especially considering his family connections. "Being able to work from Brazil was very important to me," he says, giving us a glimpse of his personal life and how flexible TestQuality is. (Hint for tech lovers: TestQuality is looking for more software engineers, offering a work environment that fits with US time zones!)

📘 Closing This Chapter, But The Journey Goes On...

Nathan’s story isn’t just about a job; it's about following your heart and dreams. From coding as a child to leading tech projects in startups, and now, diving deep into the tech world at TestQuality, Nathan Gemis shows the power of chasing your passion. His story tells us that sometimes, going back to what we first loved can lead to the most amazing tales of work and personal joy.