Import Gherkin Feature Files

There are several ways to import Gherkin Feature files from Cucumber.

Gherkin and cucumber

Cucumber was first launched ten years ago as a tool to assist Ruby on Rails developers with requirements testing. They were an early supporter of the BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) technique.

Gherkin is their domain specialized language for BDD.

Gherkin is a programming language that allows product teams to describe needs for new products. Every feature in Gherkin is specified in a feature file and adheres to a strict syntax. Each line in the file begins with a Gherkin keyword and specifies a different component of the feature. The goal of Gherkin is to develop clear definitions for each characteristic, which can subsequently be rigorously evaluated.

Gherkin is meant to be human-readable, but, like other formats such as XML, it is not intended to be machine-readable.
Steps to Import Gherkin Feature Files

[1] - To import Gherkin feature files in TestQuality, first you need to select the main "Test" tab and click on the "..." on the top right side.

[2] - Then, the "Import file" option will show up. Once clicked, the new Import Data window will show up having the 3 different tap options with the types of import elements avaliable.

By selecting "Gherkin Files", our gherkin feature files will be able to be uploaded. The import process will create or update suites and tests following the gherkin syntax. Drag and drop your file in to the dotted pane, or click to automatically open a file browser window to choose a local file.

To import Gherkin based test results from json files, check automated run results checkbox.

Once your file has been added, you can optionally choose a Cycle and Milestone that you would like to link to your test run result.

If your Gherkin file is a Gherkin based test results json file, please click and select the 'automated run results' checkbox.

[3] - Click "Import" to process the file.

Gherkin Feature File Import | Cucumber | TestQuality
Importing Gherkin Feature Files in TestQuality
TestQuality CLI
To integrate your tests you can use the TestQuality CLI and an access token to authenticate your test system and push your results.

For further explanation on Importing, refer to TestQuality Docs
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