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JIRA Test Management with TestQuality extends JIRA instance to provide modern, powerful, test plan management. This is accomplished via a deep live native 2-way integration between JIRA and TestQuality. Test Management workflows are extended so you can create, update, delete, and link defects and requirements in your JIRA repo without ever leaving your testing workflows. And best of all TestQuality makes it simple to handle user story requirements and test results at a low cost.
Native 2-way integration between Jira and TestQuality
TestQuality Extends Jira with Seamless Test Management

  • Build test plans, test suites, test cases quicker
  • Run test plans and capture test results more efficiently
  • Automatically import test results from any test runner. Gain critical insights quicker
  • Communicate and coordinate with teams of any size
  • Ultra cost effective for teams.
Extend Jira with Complete Add-Ons
Defect and Issue Management
Using Jira doesn't mean you have to sacrifice defect/issue management capabilities. With TestQuality, Jira issues are automatically and seamlessly extended to support all core defect management concepts such as project components, resolution, and priority. Teams familar with popular defect management systems like GitHub, Bugzilla, Fogbuz will appreciate this extended metadata, which is critical for advanced defect/issue management and analysis.
Live 2-way Integration
Your Teams and Tools Kept in Sync. Always.
Exclusive Live 2-way integration ensures Jira and TestQuality are always in sync and up to date. Change the priority of a defect in TestQuality and the priority in Jira is automatically updated and vice versa. Close an issue in Jira and the defect is closed in TestQuality. No import/exports. No updating. All data is live and up to date, always. This allows your team to work in which ever environment is most convenient at the time, and enables real time analytics in Jira and TestQuality.
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Build higher quality software with easy to use test management for high-performance QA and dev teams.
How It Works
Set issue priority
Enter a comment
Set issue status or resolution
Core workflows are transparently extended so you never have to leave the testing workflow to perform any defect/issue operations. Open a defect or requirement in directly in Jira with just a click in TestQuality.
Advanced Defect Coverage Analysis
Powerful analytics and customizable reporting.
Seamless Defect/Issue extended workflows
Designed around a live integration core

Rich and flexible reporting can help you to visualize and understand where you're at in your project's quality lifecycle. But also look for analytics that can help identify the quality and effectiveness of your test cases and testing efforts to ensure you're building and executing the most effective tests for your efforts. TestQuality's test analytics help to identify the quality of your testing effort, test coverage, high value tests, unreliable tests, and release readiness.
Simple and Easy Testing
Easily create, manage, and assign test plans, milestones, test cases, and testing cycles. Build your test cases and store and organize in your global test repository - with preconditions, steps, attachments, and more.
Design and Track Testing Cycles
Testing for purpose based cycles and repeating testing efforts (smoke, regression, system, acceptance, etc).
Both oAuth and Basic Authentication – setup in seconds
Fast and easy Live Integration Set-up
Jira Test Management Suite Case Tool | TestQuality
Setting up live Jira integration between your TestQuality site and your Jira repo is incredibly easy, and incredibly quick. And both oAuth and basic authentication are supported and enabled in seconds.
Software Testing and Test Management for Jira | Jira Marketplace | TestQuality
Also available on the Jira Marketplace
Fast and easy Live Integration Set-up

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TestQuality's Advantages
  • Test Management
    The fastest way to build, run, and manage test cases, plans, runs, and cycles.
  • Test Insights
    Easily understand the quality and performance of your tests and with powerful test analytics.
  • Github & Jira Driven
    TestQuality's seamlessly integrates your testing efforts with your development and QA workflows, live and in real-time.
  • DevOps Integration
    Pull test results from popular CI/CD, Test Automation and Unit Testing systems or use TestQuality's powerful REST API to import test sets from any testing tools and integrate with any DevOps workflow.
  • Scalable Team Collaboration
    With fair and simple pricing, and roles and permissions management, you can tailor TestQuality to your dev and QA team's needs.
  • Process Forward Design
    TestQuality was designed with a process forward UX design approach to optimize user workflow.