The Software Engineering group at the University of Tartu is currently participating in a World-wide research project called HELENA (Hybrid dEveLopmENt Approaches in software systems development). The overall goal of this international survey is to investigate the current state of practice in software and systems development. In particular, we hope to determine which development approaches (traditional, agile, main-stream, or home-grown) are used in practice and how they are combined, how such combinations were developed over time, and if and how standards (e.g., safety standards) affect the development process and the methods applied. With this information, we aim to develop and deploy new systematic process designs and improvement activities to allow for more efficient and effective development approaches.

We invite senior technical experts (e.g., team leaders, project leaders, technical division heads) that have good knowledge of the software development processes used in in their company to participate in the survey. The estimated time needed to fill in the questionnaire is 15-20 min.

The survey can be accessed here: 


The survey is already open and can be accessed at any time. We plan to close the survey in Estonia on June 20, 2017.

Your and your colleagues’ valuable input is vital to our work and so will be respected and appreciated. All data collected will be kept confidential and will be used for academic research purposes only. Your responses will not be released or shared outside the research team. Results from the overall analysis of responses will be published in academic venues, and quantitative data will only be published in an anonymized format. If you or your colleagues enter personal comments in the free-text fields, those will only be handled internally and obfuscated prior to publication to avoid traceability. No sensitive data or identifying information about you, your colleagues or your company will leave our team.

If you have questions about the survey, please feel free to contact me (anne.jaager@ut.ee) or Dietmar Pfahl (dietmar.pfahl@ut.ee) at any time.

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