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Faster, deeper, and clearer test results

Build better quality software with higher quality testing.
Simple and Easy Manual and Automation Testing
Easily create, manage, and assign test plans, milestones, test cases, and testing cycles. Either for Manual Testing or Test Automation, build your test cases and store and organize in your global test repository - with preconditions, steps, attachments, and more.
Design and Track Testing Cycles
Testing for purpose based cycles and repeating testing efforts (smoke, regression, system, acceptance, etc).
Customizable Test Status, Case Types, Priorities and Fields
TestQuality is all about customization. TestQuality can be customized to support your specific testing terminologies, workflows, and rulesets. You can add custom fields and customize everything from test status, purpose, case types and cycles, priorities.
Discover which tests have been right (or wrong)
Track and measure with live statistics which test failed and where, so you can identify what needs to be fixed and quickly engage with dev team to solve it.
Effortless Management of Large-Scale Testing
Carry out large-scale, demanding testing tasks without hesitation. With intelligent coordination and native interaction, you can simply manage all testing across even the largest applications with frameworks like Cucumber and Selenium.
Embrace Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) by seamlessly integrating with Gherkin feature files
Upload your Gherkin files, create, and execute tests effortlessly.
How We Compare
See how we stack up to other testing platforms.
Create, view, edit, clone tests
Link to Defects and Requirements
Native support for BDD (Gherkin/Cucumber)
Hierarchical test organization in folders and subfolders
Organize tests in Test Sets/Cycles
Milestones and Test Plans
Create, edit, and clone test executions
Ad hoc style (execute unplanned tests)
Personalize and create Test run statuses
Support of branches / field to specify branch
Track requirement coverage/status directly on issues, as an attribute.
Watch/Follow notifications
Built-in Dashboard and Reports
Track progress on Test Execution/Cycles
CLI Automation Integration
Multi-level permissions with customisation
Agile Integration
Cucumber (Gherkin)
Exporting Tests to CSV/XML
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