It is necessary to quickly check new versions of web products. Automated testing will help to cope with the task. Moreover, automation will help the team to easily change and made the code refactor.

The process of auto tests creation may rather difficult as the team should consider the modifications of UI, variety of servers and client platforms. Special automation tools will make the checking process easier.

There are many different automation tools. Here are some of them:

  • Selenium – helps to automate web browsers across various platforms. It supports several big browser vendors so this tool can be a part of some browsers.
  • Windmill – it has a test recorder that is cross-browser, integrates with JavaScript, its shell is interactive.
  • Ranorex – a commercial tool for automated web testing and GUI testing. It can record the interaction with end users.
  • Watir – with the help of Ruby libraries, a tester can easily create, maintain and read the tests.
  • Sahi – has an open-source version that is free and a commercial Pro version.
  • Tellurium – does not require the skills of scripting and programming. The test cases can be created in the English language.
  • SoapUI – a cross-platform tool. It helps to test APIs (SOAP, REST). It ensures the interoperability of different applications.

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