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Tech, Tunes, and Tranquility: Inside David Pérez Zaro’s World

TestQuality Monday Member Spotlight
An Hollistic Approach to Quality Assurance | TestQuality
In the vast realm of code and tech, every developer has a unique story. This Monday, our Monday Member Spotlight we venture into the narrative of David Pérez Zaro, a Senior Software Developer at TestQuality, who combines a passion for technology with a love for music and wellness.

Crafting Code:

With over ten years in the software domain, David has navigated through diverse sectors like telecoms, betting, and social networks. His evolution from a developer to the CTO of a startup speaks volumes about his journey. “I have a strong work ethic towards my output, and I find peace in knowing things are done properly and thoughtfully,” David shares.

Key Skills:

A maestro in PostgreSQL, React.js, and Docker, David’s approach to problem-solving is nothing short of a melody. His certification in TypeScript is a testimony to his lifelong learning ethos. “Every project is an opportunity to fine-tune my skills and contribute meaningfully,” says David.

Team Dynamics:

David cherishes a collaborative ethos, emphasizing the exchange of knowledge and growing together. “Working with competent people, learning from one another, and building things that make a difference is what keeps me going,” David mentions.

Life Beyond Code:

Music and wellness are David’s companions in unwinding. His daily rendezvous with the piano allows him to explore harmony beyond the realm of code. Yoga and swimming are his sanctuaries for maintaining a sound mind and body balance. “The tranquility I find in music and wellness transcends into my professional realm, nurturing a holistic approach to problem-solving,” David reflects.

Learning and Growing:

David values every interaction as a doorway to learning and growth. His expedition across varied cultures and companies has seasoned him with invaluable insights.“Each phase of my journey has been a learning curve, gearing me up for the challenges ahead,” he notes. He has found that working with TestQuality, in the Quality Assurance realm, has the advantage of keeping you up-to-date on current trends—identifying which approaches still resonate with your clients and which do not. Additionally, by analyzing data, you can discern what adds value and what adjustments need to be made to align with current testing trends.


David’s narrative is a captivating blend of technical adeptness, musical escapade, and a pursuit of balanced living. His journey underscores the essence of continuous learning and camaraderie in nurturing a thriving tech community.