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6 JIRA Integrations for Software Testing

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Project managers are required to manage people, teams, and tools. They accept accountability for the broader picture. Jira is a prominent project management program that is owned by Atlassian. Jira is a fantastic tool for both developers and testers. Many integrations enhance Jira's use for development teams. This post discusses some of the best Jira integrations for quality assurance, software testing, and test management that allow developers and testers to collaborate effortlessly. Integrating Jira with the correct tools simplifies software testing. Jira offers versatile and economical integration solutions for software testers, whether you are already using it or are just getting started.

What is Jira used for?

Jira was designed to help software teams in managing their work. Jira's first purpose was to manage issues and document flaws. However, the feature set has increased significantly since its debut.

Atlassian has developed Jira over time into what it describes "a strong workflow management platform for several types of use cases, including quality assurance chores like defect tracking."

Jira, according to Atlassian, can be used to "plan, track, and release amazing software." This might be translated to indicate that your business can use Jira to manage projects and incorporate them into your testing cycles. As a result, Jira is an essential tool for teams to manage product releases, document issues discovered during testing, and manage the full software development life cycle.

Jira falls short as a test case management software. It compensates for this shortcoming by making it simple to interface with top test tools via add-ons.

How can teams utilize Jira to manage test cases?

Jira is an exceptionally capable project management solution that allows for extensive customisation. Jira may be used to handle test cases with some customisation by your agile team. Jira may be used as a testing tool in one of two ways.

The first alternative is to tailor Jira for human testing while leaving automated testing to a CI server. Within Jira, your team may develop test cases for all four levels of testing. Many teams have described how to cobble together the customisation required to do manual testing within Jira.
The second and better alternative for managing Jira tests is to use specialized Test Management Apps like TestQuality. Jira allows you to link apps with Jira by using add-ons. Many free and commercial test tools have worked together to make this feasible.


Zephyr is a native test management tool that aids in the design and execution of tests. Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) is an extension of Test Driven Development (TDD) that allows development, QA, and business teams to work together. Using Jira's Cucumber integration, align teams for BDD. Zephyr Query Language is its own Structured Query Language (ZQL). Zephyr Scale is a scalable alternative with sophisticated test planning. Integrations:

ReadyAPI, TestComplete, and CrossBrowserTesting are three test automation solutions.
Open-source software - CI/CD tools Selenium, Junit, and TestNG - Bamboo and Jenkins leveraging RESTful APIs in ZAPI (add-on)
Confluence is a collaborative workplace.
This is intended for agile teams focused on test design, execution, and automation.

Pros: Real-time metric reporting, appropriate for both automated and manual testing, synchronized test results, end-to-end traceability, customizable test dashboards with a concurrent view of testing data and Jira, a diverse collection of test operations.


Testrail is a test management application that allows you to run tests, produce results, utilize to-do lists, and other capabilities. Jira Cloud, Server, and Data Center all work nicely with TestRail. On a full-fledged basis, you may track the management of QA, test cases, and projects. Jira issues and bugs are synchronized with Testrail tests. This product may be scaled to meet the needs of your business. This solution is appropriate for both agile and classic testing methodologies. This product guarantees that teams are productive. The cloud edition may be utilized in the same way as any other SaaS product.

This is intended for teams of any size (2 plans - Professional and Enterprise)

Pros: Own server installation, REST API, bespoke API for test automation, functional and exploratory testing.


TestQuality is different from other test management tools in that it is purpose built for GitHub and Jira workflows and designed to be integrated with virtually all test automation and unit testing tools.

TestQuality keeps your testing status always in sync with defects/issues in Jira

TestQuality is designed around a live integration core. This live two-way core allows TQ to communicate directly with Jira in real-time linking issues and requirements with the key tools in your DevOps workflows. TestQuality's integration engine also allows you to connect to pull in automated test results from popular CI/CD, Test Automation, and Unit Testing systems. TestQuality's import capabilities also allow you to import requirements, tests, and issues from Google Drive or Excel with ease, or script TestQuality REST API to import test sets from other testing tools.

  • REST API built-in
  • CSV and XML, JSON testing
  • Jenkins, Bamboo, and CircleCI are examples of Continuous Integration and DevOps tools.
  • BDD Gherkin-based frameworks such as Cucumber is supported.
  • Selenium, CyPress, JUnit, and PyUnit are examples of test automation frameworks supported.

As a Jira user, don't you want Jira to be your single source of truth, with information flowing in and out of it automatically and in real-time to various apps, so that your business processes are automated end-to-end?

With the help of TestQuality, such integrations can assist you in the following ways:

  1. Increase visibility of vital business information that can be accessible at any time using technologies you already use.
  2. Automate data interchange and, as a result, business processes As a result, the information is always cohesive, consistent, and correct.
  3. Filter pertinent information so that authorized users may access it whenever they need to.
  4. Promote cross-collaboration and communication across teams and assist them in working successfully together toward common corporate goals. Automatic Todo assignmetns and listeners. Communicate and Coordinate better.
  5. Bring about more openness among team members, leading in improved planning and resource allocation It also allows all team members to be "on the same page" about what has to be exchanged and how integration should take place, avoiding unneeded friction.
  6. Run Tests in Jira quicker and more efficiently, Author better Tests by creating complex test plans with nested test suites.

Integrating Jira with TestQuality

Setting up your Jira Integration is a simple task, you just need to log-in to TestQuality or you can Start a free trial. Once you are logged into TestQuality, you just need to follow a simple step process which you may find in our TestQuality documentation site which starts by clicking your username in the top right corner of the screen and choose "Integrations" from the drop down menu. 
Click the configure integration link as shown in red in the image below.

TestQuality Jira Integration Setup Process

By Sign in to Jira and copying your subdomain, you paste your subdomain into the Jira Sub Domain box in TestQuality and following in the TQ documentation mentioned above.

TestQuality | Test Case Management


Xray is a test management solution for planning and executing tests as Jira problems with configurable processes. You may develop test strategies as well as execute ad hoc tests. The REST API may be used to report findings using a bespoke CI tool. Test plans aid in progress tracking. Custom dashboards allow for advanced reporting. Integrations:

  • REST API built-in
  • CSV and JSON testing
  • Jenkins, Bamboo, and GitLab are examples of Continuous Integration and DevOps tools.
  • Gherkin-based frameworks such as Cucumber, Behave, and SpecFlow are supported.
  • Selenium, JUnit, and NUnit are examples of test automation frameworks.

This is intended for teams of any size.

Pros: Full testability, appropriate for both manual and automated testing, test folders and sets, reusable test preconditions, support for

Requirements and Test Management for Jira (RTM)

Without the need to integrate additional solutions, Jira contains all of the test case management capabilities you want.

This is an excellent solution if you are tied with obsolete test management systems or are just starting out on your testing adventure. It will provide you with a centralized repository including all of your user stories, test cases, and testers.

Rates begin at $10 per month and decrease as more users are added. RTM for Jira likewise has a 30-day trial period.
Pros: RTM for Jira makes it simple to handle user story requirements and test results at a low cost.


One of the best tools for teams that require an ISO 27001 or SOC2 Type 2 test management tool.
PractiTest is a rising star in the cloud-based QA test management system market. It enables testers to concentrate on quality rather than getting bogged down by project management.

PractiTest's reports and dashboards are highly visible in order to boost team productivity. Using configurable filters, you may arrange and execute test cases, track faults, and produce reports.
Pricing begins at $39 per user per month, with a 30-day trial offered, as with other paid testing programs.

Pros: It interfaces with popular bug tracking platforms such as Jira, Bugzilla, Redmine, and others.

How are Jira Test Management Tools helpful to the latest Agile Team?

Bringing a high-quality, user-friendly product to market requires a significant amount of effort, from developing the test strategy to writing each user story and ensuring your team has a rock-solid user interface and architecture. Each of these components necessitates its own set of skill sets and tools.

Jira is a good choice for project management, especially when you consider the various add-ons. As you have seen in this article, there are several add-ons available on the market that effectively handle testing frameworks, from building a test strategy and managing tests to documenting test runs.

TestQuality can simplify test case creation and organization, it offers a very competitive price used within your Jira workflows providing Rich and flexible reporting that can help you to visualize and understand where you and your dev or QA Team are at in your project's quality lifecycle. But also look for analytics that can help identify the quality and effectiveness of your test cases and testing efforts to ensure you're building and executing the most effective tests for your efforts.
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