Test management that helps you create and run better quality tests

"Better tests produce better software."

GitHub Test Management with TestQuality

GitHub Test Management with TestQuality extends Github to provide modern, powerful, test plan management. This is accomplished via a deep live native 2-way integration between GitHub and TestQuality. Test Management workflows are extended so you can create, update, delete, and link defects and requirements in your GitHub repo without ever leaving your testing workflows. And best of all TestQuality is completely FREE for use with GitHub public repo’s


  • Build test plans, test suites, test cases quicker
  • Run test plans and capture test results more efficiently
  • Automatically import test results from any test runner
  • Gain critical insights quicker
  • Communicate and coordinate with teams of any size
  • FREE for open source projects on GitHub public repo’s and ultra cost effective for private repo’s.

Quality Starts with Test Management

While all software development teams test their software projects, some organizations still manage their testing process via spreadsheets and generic project management tools.  Generic tools can help you keep track of your tests, and not much more. True test management tools help teams organize their testing process, manage their resources, monitor their progress, answering three basic questions:

“What tests do we have and who is running them?”

“Do we have appropriate coverage?”

“When are tests being executed and what are the results?”

TestQuality is not only a modern test management tool for your teams but it also helps you build better tests, test faster, and with fewer resources.

Test Management Basics

All competent test management tools today, like TestQualiy, help you manage your testing process and provide basic visibility into test results with these three core capabilities

Create test plans and test cases

Execute tests and view results

Generate testing reports

These three basic fundamental test management capabilities help keep your testing teams organized and on track. TestQuality’s unique cloud-based UX makes creating and executing tests far easier and faster than any other tool. And as you’ll see, TestQuality goes well beyond basic test management to help you actually build better tests and ultimately, better software.

Beyond Basic Test Management

It’s our core belief that better tests produce better software. So we make it our mission to go well beyond basic test management to help you build better tests, so you can build better software.

The key to better quality tests is automatic objective and subjective test analysis. TestQuality is uniquely built on a cloud based analytics engine that continually monitors your tests 24/7 so you can, at a glance:

Identify your highest value tests

Reveal low value tests

Sort out unreliable tests

Determine your release readiness

Tests Analyzed

TQ Score. Quality Tests = Quality Software

Effective tests are the basis for good quality products. However, while most test management tools do their basic job of enabling you to write and manage tests, they can’t help you monitor and assess the actual quality of the tests your teams are writing and executing.

TestQuality’s unique analytics engine monitors your test metrics and results, and reports via simple dashboard scoring to help you understand the overall quality of your tests and your testing effort.

In addition to your test quality scores, you can drill down into just about any analytic for your tests such as coverage, reliability, and distribution.

A Joy to Use and No More Servers

Traditional testing tools have complex server and IT requirements to support and maintain along with clunky client installs, outdated UX, and sparse OS support that limits which devices your users can run on.

TestQuality’s UX is built to be a joy to use with nothing on the backend for you to maintain or support. Built on an ultra fast REST-based cloud architecture TestQuality’s responsive browser based UX delivers all the information you need to build, manage, run, and analyze your tests without navigating thru layers of tabs, menus, and pages like most web based testing tools that just slow you down.

Make a change and it’s updated instantly. Need to access a test from your tablet? No problem. Building a new test plan? Get it all done fast on a single screen. TestQuality is modern, ultra fast, and super easy to use.

TQ’s Secret: Built on “Your” Big Data

The secret behind TestQuality’s amazing ability to continually analyze all of your test data providing you with real-time up to date test analysis, is that TQ is built atop a powerful AWS hosted big-data engine which collects and stores every aspect of your tests for fast and robust reporting, analytics, archival, and history traversal.

TQ’s also utilizes a blazing fast transactional front-end for bullet proof test integrity. So unlike other test management tools which store all your testing data through slow traditional SQL relational databases, TestQuality is built to be bullet proof, handle massive volumes of historical test data with fast retrieval and real-time 24/7 analytics.

Goodbye Slow-n-Clunky Import/Export

TestQuality Live Agile Integration Engine provides the most modern foundation for integration with all of your agile tools such as Jira, Selenium, Git and more.

Unlike most agile tools today which bolt on integration via clunky import/export facilities, TQ is designed around a live integration core. This live two-way core allows TQ to communicate directly with the tools you already use in real-time. So a change in TQ is actually a change in Jira and vice versa.

And if ever you did want to export any data, it’s not a problem. Any data in TestQuality can be exported via CSV or Excel. 

TestQuality Seamlessly Integrates with

Simple Pricing

TestQuailty offers simple per-user pricing, you only pay for the number of users you need for your team. You can choose any number of users and you can add additional users to your plan at any time. Plans can be paid monthly or save by selecting an annually paid plan.  You can also start off with the FREE plan for public/open source Github repositories and upgrade later to a private repo/commercial plan.