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How to Leave a Review on G2 in 4 Steps:

1. Visit TestQuality's G2 Review page.

2. Create an account or log into an existing G2 account with your LinkedIn or domain-based email (e.g. john@business.com). Using these ensures G2 can verify your identity and professional background.

3. Write an honest review. Consider the following questions to guide your feedback:

- What do you dislike about TestQuality?
- Would you recommend TestQuality.com to others?
- How has TestQuality improved your testing tasks?
- What Test Management issues does TQ help you address?
- Which features of TestQuality are most value to you?

Important Note:
When answering the survey question, "For which purposes do you use TestQuality?" please make sure to specify "Test Management" as one of your categories. This helps ensure that your review is correctly attributed to the Test Management category on G2.

4. Submit your review and agree to the terms of service.
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    How to Get Your G2 Review Approved and Published
    Things to think about before submitting your review:

    • Use your LinkedIn profile or a business email to verify your identity on G2.
    • Provide a balanced review, sharing both positive aspects and areas for improvement regarding TestQuality.
    • Highlight specific features of TestQuality that you use, and explain how they benefit your workflow.
    • Share your experience level with TestQuality, detailing how and why you use the product. This provides valuable context for both us and potential users.
    • Add screenshots of your TestQuality dashboard to help G2 validate the authenticity of your review.
    The Value of Your G2 Reviews
    Your feedback on G2 plays a dual role. For potential users, it provides an insightful glimpse into the TestQuality experience, helping them assess its suitability for their needs. For us, it's an invaluable tool to enhance and refine our product. By sharing your experience, you not only guide others but also contribute to the continuous improvement of TestQuality.