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TestQuality Vs TestRail

Compare and Discover more about everything that distinguishes TestQuality from TestRail.
Top 3 reasons to choose TestQuality over TestRail
Compare and discover more about what makes TestQuality so unique in GitHub and Jira test management.
  • Jira & GitHub Agile Driven
    TestQuality is different from other test management tools in that it is purpose-built for GitHub and Jira workflows and designed to be integrated with virtually all test automation and unit testing tools.
  • DevOps Integration
    Pull test results from popular CI/CD, Test Automation and Unit Testing systems or use TestQuality's powerful REST API to import test sets from any testing tools and integrate with any DevOps workflow.
  • Testing Automation
    There's no reason not to automate with native support for BDD (Gherkin/Cucumber) and integration with numerous test automation frameworks, including JUnit, NUnit, Pytest, Selenium, CircleCl, Watir.
How TestQuality Compares With TestRail
TestQuality vs TestRail Features
Design & Author
Create, view, edit, clone tests
Link to Defects and Requirements
Requirements and User Stories Management
Labels, Attachments and Comments on Tests and Cycles.
Native support for BDD (Gherkin/Cucumber)
Hierarchical test organization in folders and subfolders
Organize tests in Test Sets/Cycles
Management of User Permissions and Roles
Searching and Filtering Test Plans and Cycles
Milestones and Test Plans
Create, edit, and clone test executions
Ad hoc style (execute unplanned tests)
Personalize and create Test run statuses
Support of branches / field to specify branch
Track requirement coverage/status directly on issues, as an attribute.
Watch/Follow notifications
Built-in Dashboard and Reports
Track progress on Test Execution/Cycles
CLI Automation Integration
Multi-level permissions with customisation
Agile Integration
Cucumber (Gherkin)
Exporting Tests to CSV/XML
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