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Case Studies

From Chaos to Clarity
How Karine's Team Reduced Bugs by 70% with TestQuality
  • Company Overview:
  • Objective:
    • Develop cutting-edge open-source bioinformatics methods and software.
  • Challenge:
    • Complexity as the team grew.
    • Issues with application problems, technical glitches, and bug fixes.
  • Solution:
    • TestQuality for streamlined testing.
    • Seamless integration with Jira.
    • Monitoring automated UI test outcomes.
  • Results:
    • 70% reduction in software glitches.
    • 30% increase in development productivity.
    • Unified team approach and reliable deployments.
Starting from Ground Zero
SteelCloud's Ongoing Journey with TestQuality
  • Challenge:
    • SteelCloud faced significant challenges due to the absence of a formal testing infrastructure, resulting in:
      • Resource inefficiency.
    • Inconsistent product quality.
    • Customer satisfaction challenges.
    • Cost overruns.
    • Missed opportunities.
    • Quality assurance gaps.
  • Solution:
    • SteelCloud adopted TestQuality as an affordable, cloud-based test management solution to address these challenges.
  • Results:
    • Transition from manual testing to TestQuality resulted in time and effort savings.
    • Enhanced transparency in testing processes.
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