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From Chaos to Clarity: How Karine's Team Reduced Bugs by 70% with TestQuality

Company Overview
  • Industry: Research & Bioinformatics.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: Guided by Dr. Vincent Ferretti, a renowned bioinformatics researcher, we collaboratively develop methods and software to identify and characterize disease-causing genetic variations.
  • Team Size and Funding: Team of 30 professionals, funded exclusively by research grants.
  • Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
  • Objective: To develop cutting-edge open-source bioinformatics methods and software, generously funded by research grants, to detect and characterize genetic variations responsible for diseases.

The Challenge

As our team grew, things became more complex. We had a mix of backend ETLs, APIs, and a frontend web application, and it became crucial to ensure top-notch quality. The existing testing methods faced the following issues:

  • Application problems when making changes to both the backend and frontend code.

  • Technical glitches during presentations.

  • Long and time-consuming bug fixes that caused delays in project completion.

Embracing TestQuality: Karine's Vision

    In our quest for a sophisticated yet cost-effective Test Management tool, we sought a solution that would:

    • Streamline regression testing strategies.

    • Effortlessly correlate failed tests with Jira.

    • Regularly monitor automated UI test outcomes.

    • Cultivate a productive rapport with our chosen tool for continuous improvement.

    Decision-Making Process

    Due to our reliance on research grants, we needed an intuitive, flexible, and cost-effective solution.

    Why TestQuality

    TestQuality not only met but exceeded these criteria with its user-friendliness, adaptability, and affordability. This marked the beginning of a successful partnership that drives our quality assurance efforts forward.
    The CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre boasts a team of over 1,200 individuals, made up of more than 295 researchers (including more than 163 clinicians) and 580 graduate and postgraduate students in a variety of areas of expertise.

    The Transformation

      Precision in Testing: TestQuality provided the team with systematic testing procedures.

      Transparent Communication: Automated test run graphs played a central role in daily updates, keeping the team informed about test statuses and bug detection.

      Application Stability: A thorough quality assurance strategy ensured the software's robustness, paving the way for a successful project launch.

      Tangible Outcomes

        70% Decline in Software Glitches: A testimony to TestQuality's efficiency.

        30% Surge in Development Productivity: Developers transitioned from firefighting bugs to innovating features.

        Unified Team Approach: Renewed confidence and elevated morale characterized the team's spirit.

        Reliable Deployments: Each deployment carried out with unmatched assurance.
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