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Starting from Ground Zero: SteelCloud's Ongoing Journey with TestQuality

Company Overview
  • Industry: Computer and Network Security.
  • Team Size: 40 professionals.
  • Location: Ashburn, Virginia, USA
  • Objective: To provide DoD/government and commercial customers with efficient and effective STIG & CIS policy remediation solutions through ConfigOS, enabling rapid and automated control hardening while reducing the time and effort required for compliance maintenance.


Meet Steve Wilkerson, the QA Manager at SteelCloud LLC for more than 4 years, with nearly 9 years of experience in various QA roles. He shares his ongoing journey with TestQuality. Upon joining SteelCloud, he encountered unique challenges. This case study explores how TestQuality addressed these challenges and transformed SteelCloud's testing processes.

The Challenge

In Steve's own words: "When I joined SteelCloud, there was no testing infrastructure, and it had to be built from the ground up.

The absence of a formal test bed resulted in:

  • Resource Inefficiency: Ineffective resource allocation and time wastage.
  • Inconsistent Product Quality: Varying quality levels across releases.
  • Customer Satisfaction Challenges: Frustrated users and reduced trust.
  • Cost Overruns: Unexpected financial strains due to delays.
  • Missed Opportunities: Inability to adapt and seize opportunities.
  • Quality Assurance Gaps: Critical defects going undetected.

These consequences highlighted the urgent need for a structured testing infrastructure, leading us to explore TestQuality as a solution."

Adopting TestQuality: Steve's Vision

    As we searched for a comprehensive yet budget-friendly Test Management tool, our goal was to address the challenges that arose due to the absence of a dedicated test infrastructure.

    Decision-Making Process

    We opted for TestQuality because it provided the best value for our investment.

    Implementation Process

    The implementation was a slow and painstaking journey, as expected when starting from scratch.


    The most significant challenge was the user-friendliness for adding a large number of test cases within a short timeframe.

    Why TestQuality

    We chose TestQuality primarily for its affordability and benefits. After comparing it with other tools like HP ALM and TestRail, we found that it offered the best value. Additionally, we required a cloud-based platform for managing our test cases.
    Since 2010, SteelCloud has been locking down systems with steel-clad assurance and reducing hardening time by over 90%. Working with government organizations, federal contractors, large corporations, and the vendors that supply technology to their customers, their technology automates policy compliance, configuration control, and cloud security.
    Results and Benefits


      TestQuality effectively resolved a major challenge by providing a cloud-based solution for managing our test cases.


      We transitioned from manual testing to TestQuality, resulting in time and effort savings, as well as enhanced transparency in our testing processes.


      Our quality assurance process is continuously evolving to reach its full potential. In the future, we plan to implement metrics that will provide a more comprehensive illustration of the improvements TestQuality has brought to our processes.
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