Cloud Simulator for Scalability Testing – With the advent of Cloud, the same amount of infrastructure is holding more nodes and users. Plus, the cloud itself is getting bigger and bigger, meaning very high densities. This rapidly changing infrastructure landscape brings up new challenges for component vendors & that is the Scalability of their products for the cloud environment. Mix it with the need to verify & certify the products with such a deployment and we are talking about huge investment, setup, operational costs & engineering resources .Plus, the overhead for IT teams to manage the chunk of HW infrastructure.


Overall the system offers a cost-effective, simple yet extremely powerful framework to build the complex Scalabale Tests. The system can be used to test various components of cloud like Storage, Network, Web UI, etc.

More info here: http://calsoftinc.com/resources/whitepapers/cloud-simulator-for-scalability-testing-snia-sdc-bangalore-2015/

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