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Simple and affordable pricing for all your devs, QA engineers, and managers.
$10 per user/mo
or save 20% paid annually ($99/yr per user)
  • Author Test Plans, Projects, Test Cases, Testing Cycles
  • Execute Test Runs and Repeating Test Cycles
  • Gherkin/BDD Support
  • Integrates with your Issues, Stories, PRs, Repos
  • Integrates with your automated testing
  • Comprehensive Test Analytics/Reports
  • Integrated with GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, and more
  • Custom fields and reports
  • Scale to any team size
  • Unlimited projects, test cases, test runs
  • Cloud based, access from any client device - anywhere
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TestQuality's Advantages
  • Test Management
    The fastest way to build, run, and manage test cases, plans, runs, and cycles.
  • Test Insights
    Easily understand the quality and performance of your tests and with powerful test analytics.
  • GitHub & Jira-Driven
    TestQuality seamlessly integrates your testing efforts with your development and QA workflows, live and in real-time.
  • DevOps Integration
    Pull test results from popular CI/CD, Test Automation and Unit Testing systems, or use TestQuality's powerful REST API to import test sets from any testing tools and integrate with any DevOps workflow.
  • Scalable Team Collaboration
    With customizable roles, permissions, and fair and simple pricing, you can tailor TestQuality and scale up to your dev and QA team's needs.
  • Process Forward Design
    TestQuality was designed with a process-forward UX design approach to optimize user workflow.
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